Zsolt Szemerszky is a National Quality Prize Winner Revenue Specialist and Author.
His aim to help people and corporations to achieve their highest ambitions.

Being an author of multiple books, published in over 50 countries world-wide helped Zsolt to create business values for people and to motivate them in the road towards their aims.

One of Zsolt’s most quoted sentence is:

“Every mountain can be climbed
just you have to find the appropriate way to it.
If somebody does not achieve it’s goal
then he has not done everything to achieve it.
The secret of success is persistence!”


Zsolt has been working seventeen years in the national and international business arena, and various international IT projects bare his name. In 2010 suddenly he was diagnosed with advanced Diabetes Type I. and that moment changed his life. Zsolt decided to share all he learnt and experienced in order to teach people to capitalize their potentials.

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