One of the most basic and important business rule is that you are responsible for all your decisions, success or failures. Only you!

However hard it is you can not blame the external factors. We are in the same business jungle and the rules are the same for all of us. No exceptions. It is all upon you if you will survive or not. It is all upon you if you will be a Rabbit or you will become a Tiger. Now days the business is your jungle, your playground.

If you do not like to be a Rabbit then change it. You are the master of your destiny. Do not blame others, that’s the game of losers and cowards.

Never blame outside factors, never say what could be if… You need to focus only on what you can do now with all your assets. You need to bring out the best as much as possible from your current, existing knowledge, assets.

Economy, politics, weather, your neighbour, etc… it is easy to blame these factors for your failure, but believe it or not these factors influence also your competition not only you.

You can not change these factors, just as you can not change the politics. You need to accept them, acknowledge the rules and go forward towards your aims. Sitting and waiting for the changes is equal with suicide because you will lose the control over things.

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