Having a great income could be a bigger stress than keeping things small. Here is why… Income does not equal with profit. In business income helps you to survive, but without converting it to profit you can not prosper. And as we know prosperity is a key factor in order to develop and be competitive.

Most of the entrepreneurs have a job, not a business. This is also the primary reason, why entrepreneurs are fighting with obstacles and suffering from the different economic impulses.

Many people have dreams and most of them see the solutions by owning a business and being an entrepreneur. Therefore they create a business for themselves which is more about a new job, than a real business driven by true passion and visions.

Personally I do not believe in the “getting rich” formulas, “blueprints to success” or the “magic pills”. I believe in passion, persistence and experience. Yes, we have to work for our aims, but honestly this is the beauty of it because we can only appreciate those things which are came to our life by “fight”. Everything which was just given to us represents only a temporary pleasure, but not an achievement.

I also believe that the word “luck” is just an excuse. Obviously we can not choose where we born, in which family background and in which environment, but life always provides us a fighting chance to reach our goals. Even for you as well. Therefore we are able to form our own “luck” and we are the only ones who are responsible how we will pass this World at the end of the day.

Business is like cooking. You can have all the finest ingredients, the most amazing recipes but it still needs your heart to make the magic happen. 

Business is like cooking. You can have all the finest ingredients, the most amazing recipes but it still needs your heart to make the magic happen. In this term recipes are the experiences of others. However even something is worked well for someone else it is not granted that it will work in our case since we are all different.

Those who are overshadowed by the money and the fame are usually only sees the ingredients, but they have no real recipes how to make things happen and not even willingness to go forward on the road to achieve it. While passion oriented entrepreneurs are ready to master the techniques and recipes and from them they will have the all the skills to create it and make it for their own. When you can see the passion and eager for the recipes than success is almost predictable.

When you have a strong basic knowledge than you can also move away from the theories into the real life experiences.

Again, business is like cooking. When you understand the basics than you will be able to form it for your own. When you have a strong basic knowledge than you can also move away from the theories into the real life experiences. This way your business can stand out from the crowd and it will have the possibility to prosper.

Now the only question is whether you want a business or a job?

When I wrote the Creating Business Value book I wanted to give people the chance to capitalize their highest ambition. It was very important for me personally, since I know that the road to success, standing out of the box is not easy.

How many time people said you will never make it?
They are the Quiters, do not follow them.

“In the cycle of nature there is no such thing as victory or defeat, there is only movement.
Defeat is for warriors…
Failure is when you don’t have any more interest in fight.
Defeat ends when we launch into another battle. Meanwhile failure has no end, because it is a lifetime choice.” – Paulo Coelho

My contribution to Your success is my own cooking book, my experiences.


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