“Diabetes was my unexpected new bride and we made our marriage in Hell…”

Since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes I had a very personal motivation to create for you and millions of others the Diabetes: The way towards Cure book and collection of knowledge on Diabetes.

Truth to be told, I am not a doctor or a healthcare professional however I believe that being a victim of Diabetes much more qualifies me than being “just” a doctor. Also I learnt during these years that money is not the prime asset in life, however health and being with your loved ones is. And believe me that Type 1 Diabetes can test you big time.

I clearly remember that I was 29 years old when I noticed that I am getting more and more thirsty. A few weeks later I started to loose some weight, more precisely it led me loosing over 20kg by the end of the second month.

Since I was 108 kg before, many friends started to give me compliments that I am in a good shape and it felt really good. I also started to feel more and more confident myself in my body, however I felt those terrible cramps in my leg during the nights. Soon the devastating pain in my leg was complimented with a very extent thirst. I started to drink 6-8 bottles of mineral water in a day which did not seem normal.

Before a very short time that I would have ended up in Diabetes coma, I was rushed to the hospital where I got the shocking news that I have Type 1 Diabetes and there is no cure to it.

I asked the doctor how is it possible that I received this life-long illness. She told me that the reason for developing Type 1 Diabetes is not known. Since I had no one in my family with Diabetes she said it was probably developed because of an increased stress or trauma.

She was probably right, because I clearly remember that I went through a difficult time back then, when one of my old business associate created a fake Facebook profile with my name. He blackmailed me first, requesting money to remove it and when I ignored him, he tried to ask money in my name from my friends and relatives. I reported him 16 times at the police, but since there was no withholding decision against him, he just continued.

This caused me a lot of stress and reputation damage which probably turned into a point where my body triggered my Diabetes.

At this point it did not matter anymore how healthy I lived before I had to realized that my life is completely changing. And it was not a positive transformation.

After spending a week in the hospital, learning all the important things about how to manage my condition, my doctor told me that I will have a “Honeymoon”.

I looked at her as a silly donkey, because in that period I had no girlfriend in my life and her prediction seemed to be weird.

As honeymoon she referred to a 3-6 months period where the pancreas is still working but with a very low capacity. However as with any marriage I felt that this is the trap because after the honeymoon the newly wed wife takes everything over and I can loose my control over what I have.

Diabetes was my unexpected new bride and we made our marriage in Hell…

So as it was predicted after 3 months my “new wife” did not allow my old lifestyle. She took everything over and overwrote all my rules as she wanted.

As with 12% of Type 1 Diabetics I also went into temporary depression because of these unforeseen changes in my life.

Luckily, my ex-wife decided to help me through this period. She came down to Monaco and France where I lived and she moved in for 9 months helping me to overcome all these obstacles.

With her help I learnt again to fight for myself and for my aims instead of sinking in self pity. She made me remember how important life and my disease is effecting not just me, but all who care about me. All who are worth fighting for.

She also told me that thanks to my business experience, spending 16 years as one of the top IT business solution developer for the biggest multinational companies, including many pharmaceutical ones, I have the chance to help people with a solution.

From that moment on I started to research the disease and I started to follow many medical researches and case studies. I was ready to change the medical industry. However I had to realize that despite all the promising researches, progresses there is no cure in the pipeline yet.

This was the moment when I decided to start to create a medical solution which offers and creates a better living quality for those who are suffering from Diabetes.

For me it is key to live a quality, healthy life and I think it summarizes all the elements I would like to reach through a solution for fellow Diabetics. And to accomplish this you do not necessary need the cure as the first step, but at least some medical tools which makes your life easier and your treatment more reliable.

Since I was really fed up with pricking my fingers seven times a day for blood samples, my very first aim was to find or develop a non-invasive, 100% pain-free Diabetes management device combined with the technological advantage of an analytics and alerting software.

During the process I met many people with so called “causes”, collecting various funds in the name of Diabetes, however actually they just used the proceeds to finance their own lifestyles without a single effort to make a difference.

It is very painful to watch this for someone who actually suffers from this life-threatening condition.

For me Diabetes is not a hobby or a business which you can close. It is a life long disease, therefore to find a balanced life and to offer the same to others is my ultimate aim. Something which is driven by passion and commitment. I hope more and more people will realize at the end of the day that there is always a way to improve our life.

Focusing on the real needs of Diabetic people I truly believe that there is a chance to change the healthcare industry.

I truly hope that this book with a brief collection of some possible ways toward the cure of Diabetes triggers your desire as well to make a permanent change and maybe join us who do not sit tight and give up the hope.

And finally I would like to share with you one of my favorite story related Mother Teresa. We have lost a great humanitarian in her, but she left many things behind and one of them was a lesson for us here, now.

When Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, she said that

“When we work hard all day long, it feels like we are only a drop in the ocean. But if our individual drops were not in the ocean… the ocean would be dry.”

Each one of you is a drop in OUR Diabetic ocean and without each of us commonly we would be empty and dry. So please, never forget how important you are.

Thank you for reading and sharing this book.

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