If your clients are contacted through the Internet or direct mail marketing campaign, the so-called Borden’s formula can be a very useful thing.

This comes from Richard C. Borden, head of New York University. He used this formula to originally make his classes more exciting, but it is perfect for attracting attention in offers, advertisements, letters.

The Borden formula

The formula includes 4 simple steps:

1., “Who cares….”

Say something that will make the other look up, that will erase the other’s indifference or carelessness and will make them immediately look up at you, will take you into consideration.

2., “Why am I talking about this”

Explain why it is important for the OTHER, why you want to talk or write to him or her. After this, tell your “story” very shortly, aiming to the point.

3., “For example….”

Tell the Other person one or more real life examples that illustrate and make your point more realistic.

4., “So what?”

Help the other Person get to the conclusion that you want him or her to get: why is it good, important for him or her, etc. if he or she does what you are asking him or her.

The Borden formula is a very efficient method, but you should never forget that writing marketing and advertisement texts is a separate profession. There are still lots of other tricks and methods, with which you can continuously develop your base of knowledge.

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