Life experience based keynote speeches

Zsolt Szemerszky is one of the leading authority in business value creation and business excuse handling. He is the author of the best selling books “NO EXCUSE! in business” and “Creating Business Value”.

Zsolt spent 16 years analysing and understanding the business methods and processes of leading Fortune 500 companies. Understanding the differences he also realised the patterns where a business can grow and develop.

Zsolt believes that we loose 90% of our opportunities because of the following three reasons:

  • we do not capture the true definition of the word “Value”
  • we do not handle business excuses in the right way (NO = MAYBE = YES)
  • the fear of change influences our decisions and persistence

Listening to Zsolt’s speeches we can achieve immediate results in our businesses since he is offering real-life examples through his own experiences. Zsolt’s every keynote speech focuses on the solutions and the blueprints for efficiency, clarity and influence.

He is a professional speaker who is not aiming to sell anything at the events. Zsolt seeks to understand and research the message of your conference, and focuses on the issues which deliver instant values to the audience. Zsolt has a wonderful ability to customise each talks and keynote sessions for his particular audience. His talks are fast moving and always informative, spiced with humour and great insights.

If you are planning a conference or a corporate event Zsolt will deliver the excitement and uniqueness you are looking for. As a keynote speaker his primary intent is to motivate and help the audience to capitalise and realise their highest ambitions. After the session they will be more energised and excited to achieve more.

His keynote speaking fees highly depend on the event date and location, as well as the size and composition of the audience.

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