National Quality Prize winner Zsolt Szemerszky offen consult small and medium businesses in order to overcome their obstacles and to help them to achieve more.

Zsolt also offers personal business coaching to company owners and leaders in order to maintain the results in the long term as well.

While he understands and might optimise on business processes, Zsolt’s main focus areas are the Business Value Creation, the Improvement of Performance Indications and Sales Closing as well as to find new and Niche Markets where the business can outperform itself.

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Business Value Creation

Creating Business Value is equally important for all the people how are directly responsible for product development, customer care, marketing, PR, sales. Whether you are an Executive, a Manager, a Business Owner, a Human Resource, PR, Marketing or Sales person it will give you the ability to reach efficiency and success in your business.

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NO EXCUSE! – Improvement of Performance Indications and Sales Closing

The “NO EXCUSE!” seminar is an extremely useful tool to understand our business potentials and to create an intense profit growth in our Business. It is recommended to result oriented business thinkers, company owners and business leaders. It provides useful insight in order to improve efficiency related to income and profits, while it gives you the tool to eliminate the excuses and underperformance.

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Niche Markets & The Monaco Formula

Highly recommended to all the visionaries and business leaders who are too busy chasing the “realistic” goals. In this seminar Zsolt will teach you how-to discover your own niche market, how-to capitalise your business opportunities while you become more persuasive and influential.

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