Highly recommended to all the visionaries and business leaders who are too busy chasing the “realistic” goals. In this seminar Zsolt will teach you how-to discover your own niche market, how-to capitalise your business opportunities while you become more persuasive and influential.

The Monaco Formula is the fastest path to success. The session focused exclusively on a proven “Monaco” method to achieve massive success & wealth by creating your own niche business territory. Open a niche market and WIN the game!

The Monaco Formula enhances your confidence to be part of the big league with your business even if you are a small or struggling business at the moment. The Monaco Formula session is a transformational tool of your business from the average to the multi-million Euro worth exception.

There are always good reasons not to stand out from the shadow and not to change, move out from your comfort zone. However the ugly secret is that standing out is not harmful. Reaching a positive attitude towards the way to the top of success, your visionary focus will inspire and motivate countless people along your way.

Key Points that are usually covered:

  • Are Millionaires smart?
  • The secret pattern behind all multi millionaire businessmen
  • How to reach your first Million in less than 6 months
  • Results vs Reputation
  • Niche markets, the reasons why usual businesses under perform
  • Enemies are good, they show you that you have made a difference
  • Discovering the hidden possibilities
  • How to train your brain for success
  • The tools to capitalise and cash the money

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