The “NO EXCUSE!” seminar is an extremely useful tool to understand our business potentials and to create an intense profit growth in our Business. It is recommended to result oriented business thinkers, company owners and business leaders. It provides useful insight in order to improve efficiency related to income and profits, while it gives you the tool to eliminate the excuses and underperformance.

The “NO EXCUSE!” business seminar fastens up the way to new business incomes because it is not just “thinking about it”, but it shows the clear way how to put it into action in your own field of business. Through personalised examples focusing on your business, you can reach a guaranteed 90% of success on every sales closing with your pre-qualified prospects.

The sessions are also focusing on out of the box thinking and challenging the existing economic situation. It helps you to understand the unseen business obstacles and gives you the tool to overcome them. It also teaches your marketing and sales team how to pre-qualify and close prospective clients and how to handle leads by keeping up their continuous interest.

It is a proven fact that businesses lose almost 90% of their business potentials because of not handling business excuses such as price, time, budget, lawyers, etc… as well as the unseen marketing gaps.

16 years of research made Zsolt Szemerszky realise the patterns which are holding back sales performances and through the  seminar he offers you real-life knowledge for your instant success. If you read and liked his best selling “NO EXCUSE! in business” book then this business consulting session will bring you to the next level towards high Performance.

Key Points that are usually covered in a highly personalised way focusing on your own business and its potentials to increase Sales Performance and Revenue Productivity:

  • The real source behind Underperformance, Excuses, Complaining & Stress
  • How problems distract your focus, and what makes a difference between an entrepreneur and a leader
  • Overcoming the obstacles, seeing the potential in every “Crisis” situation
  • How to open new market and target your competitors without price fight
  • Understanding the customer behaviours
  • Loan is a chain, income is normal & profit is King!
  • Handling sales excuses and increasing the business income by closing 90% of the sales leads
  • Excuse handling: industry specific excuses (such as price, time, budget, lawyers) and the proper way to handle them
  • How to pre-qualify business leads without wasting money and human energy
  • The key for continuous, stress-free prosperity while you can focus on new developments

Please contact for a quote if you would like to work with Zsolt or if you know others who could benefit from Zsolt’s keynote speeches please pass this link along.